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About Dr. Mary Ann Smialek

Mary Ann Smialek Ed.D.

I am a parent and experienced educator specializing in the remediation of learning challenges. My passion is helping parents to raise happy and resilient kids. More children than ever before are struggling academically, emotionally, and behaviorally in school. Increasingly, parents are seeking resources to better understand the educational system, to interact in a positive way with teachers, and most importantly, to guide their kids develop a resilient mind-set, and experience success both at home and school.

My hope is to offer you some of the wisdom I have learned over the years working with kids of all ages, and their parents who have sought some new, fresh ideas, tried and true tips, and strategies to lighten their busy days. It truly is overwhelming at times for moms and dads to positively interact, and nuture kids among all the stressors of life: balancing relationships, responsibilities at home and work, money worries, health issues, and trying to find some quality time for themselves and their kids.

My help and support is only a click away. My hope is to share with you some “tricks of the trade” and offer workable strategies to make your life a bit less complicated whether you are a dad working 60 hours a week, or an overworked, single mom trying to raise a family by yourself with little support, or a parent who is just plain tired feeling stressed out and pressed for time. The secret to changing things around in your life concerning your kids is as simple and easy as contacting me. I promise to share some innovative options to help you transform your good intentions into proven skills. You’ll be so proud of youself and your kids as you turn a negative challenge into a positve victory. Give me a chance, try my suggestions and see what happens!

My education credits from the University of Pittsburgh include:
Ed.D. Administrative and Policy Studies
M.Ed. Special Education/ Remediation of Learning Challenges
B.S. Elementary Education/Psychology

I hold professional certifications in the areas of:
Elementary Education
Special Education
Special Education Supervision
Elementary Principal
Superintendent’s Letter of Eligilbility

My career in education includes professional experience in the following areas:
Regular Education Teacher – Elementary and Middle School
Special Education Teacher
Quality Consultant
Quality Trainer
Team Leader/Facilitator
Author Researcher
International Speaker
Curriculum Development
Instructional Design
Staff Development
Diagnostic/Prescriptive Teaching
Multi-Sensory Teaching
Individualized Education Programs
Teacher In-Service
Parent Support Group Organization
Seminar/Workshop Designs and Presentations
Learning/Teaching Style Profiles

Book Publications:
Team Strategies For Success – Doing What Counts in Educatiion
Inside Teams in Education
Don’t Miss The Bus! Steering Your Child To Success In School
Get On the Bus! Tools For School
Off The Bus!Transition To Middle School
Share The Quest For Success In Education

Excellence Award in Education
American Family Institute of Time
Twice Recipient of the Senate of the Commomwealth of Pennsylvania Commendation for Excellence in Education

Phi Delta Kappa
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
American Society of Quality

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An Introduction

What an amazing journey my career in education continues to be! I am so very fortunate doing something that I love, something that really challenges me, and something that keeps me sharp and current in today’s fast paced world. I treasure connecting with passionate, dedicated parents and educators, on a regular basis in either a school environment, through my education consulting, and by way of my books.

I’ve been thinking for quite a while, now that I’m away from my 8 to 4 classroom position that I need to change things up a bit in my approach to sharing my education and colorful career experience with you. My blog will be a great way to link with many busy, over worked parents and teachers, in need of a fresh idea, a tried and true tip, or strategy, or just to help lighten the day when it is needed.

My goal is to help you, whether you are an over worked father putting in 60 hours a week, a stressed out single mom, or a parent or educator who is just plain tired of doing things that are not working with kids. My hope is to offer some fresh alternatives to help you translate your good intentions into proven skills, ones that ensure your children’s successful transitions both at home and school. Throughout this process, together we will develop options that will guide your precious ones to achieve positive results, and better relationships at home, in the classroom, and on the playground.

My wish is to discuss what’s important to you, what is useful, and above all what is practical and workable in your particular situation. As we begin our journey together, and lay the foundation for your children’s school success never underestimate the importance of a strong, positive, genuine home-school connection. When all is said and done at the end of the day:

School is a Team Effort:
The teacher’s job is to teach
The child’s job is to learn
The parent’s job is to help the child be ready and able to learn

I’m looking forward to our exchanges centering around establishing smooth travel plans for your children’s first day of pre-school, and throughout the elementary, and middle school years. My intent is to provide you with a thoughtful and supportive approach, and offer practical, direct, and clear action plans for both your satisfaction and accomplishment. I promise you that your life and your kids’ lives will change dramatically. You can make the shift; put yourself in the driver’s seat, and take charge of how you steer your children to a more calm, happy, and peaceful life at home and at school.

With a positive intention, new knowledge, and useful tools for learning, you can make even the most challenging situations work for you and your kids. If you are serious about improving the quality of your relationships with your children, blog will provide an important element, a valuable road map for your successful journey: the guiding hand of a seasoned teacher who has helped other parents and educators on their own personal journeys to a more confident and relaxed home life and noted achievement in school.

Hope you’ll join in the travel plans for a smooth trip ahead. Don’t Miss the Bus!! Fasten your seatbelt! Enjoy the ride!

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