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How To Encourage Your Kid’s Unique Interests?

How do you know your children’s potential areas of interest? How can you be sure? The best advice is to take clues from their play. It all begins with passion. First, observe your kids at playtime. Really tune into the themes they are drawn to and the activities that make them happy. These will change overtime though. Blocks, tools, and plush animals may interest a toddler but will take a back seat to drawing, or dancing and singing in Kindergarten.

Also, it’s never too early to expose your young ones to a diverse range of culturals events, children’s museums, sports, and “little” gym activities. Allow your kids to decide what things speak to them. Timing and your watchful eye is everything. Keep in mind their individual strengths and interests. Allow for individual choice and experiementation.

Keep in mind that the interests and passions expressed in a preschooler’s pretend play are likely to be fleeting. What really matters is that your young ones thrive on their own pursuits of what they like to do and from which they get satisfaction. It is equally important and that their passions are bolstered by the your gentle encouragement. Wisely show interest in your kid’s endeavors while resisting any urge to take control. So if your daughter invites you to tea parties over ad over again, attend as many as you can, and do so enthusiasticly. Be sure to let her pour and place the cookies on the plates. Don’t be afraid of squeezing into the little chairs while she takes delight in serving you. Go along with your son on a trip to outer space, and cheering when he starts the countdown.

The secret here is to tune into and accept your children’s uniqueness and enthusiasm. Following these short and simple measures promises the rewards of a life enriched by the joyful pursuit of genuine passions, and meaningful accomplishments for your kids. Enjoy exploring all the possibilities!

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