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Self-Esteem Survey For Kids

True self-esteem is realizing one’s own real power. Often, remind your kids or grandchildren to think positively about themselves. Do they take your good advice? Do they really have a healthy dose of self-esteem? How can you be sure? A great way to gain insight into their self-esteem strategies suggest they take the short Self-Esteem Survey for Kids.

Self-Esteem Survey for Kids

If your answer is yes put a checkmark on the line. If your answer is no leave the line blank.

1. _____ I accept constructive criticism from others.
2. _____ I am at ease when I meet people.
3. _____ I am honest about my feelings.
4. _____ I have a few close friends.
5. _____ I usually learn from my mistakes.
6. _____ I take responsibility for my actions.
7. _____ I like new experiences and challenges.
8. _____ I am accepting of my physical appearance.
9. _____ I give my self credit for my achievements.
10. _____ I am happy for others when they succeed.

If you answered yes to most of the statements, you most likely have a healthy opinion about yourself. Whatever your self-esteem level is now, you can take positive steps to improve it with a little help. Your parents and teachers are there for you with all the strategies you need to feel better about yourself. Ask them for help. You’ll be glad you did.

Parents and Grandparents if you need some easy and workable self-esteem strategies for the kids in your life be sure to check out my next blog post: Great Self-Esteem Stategies for Kids. They really work!

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