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Boost Self Esteem


What does self-esteem really mean to kids? It is how they think and feel about themselves. The more they like themselves, the higher their self-esteem.

Youngsters with high self-esteem tell themselves things like: “People like me.” I’m smart.” “I always to my best.” Young ones with low self-esteem put themselves down. The good news is that you can influence your kids to change their negative thoughts into more positive ones. Assist them to build their self-respect by helping them to think of things that they are proud of: a special talent, a great sense of humor, times when they were kind or helped someone.

Every Child is Unique!
When you see kids feeling down, encourage them to tell themselves things like: “Things will get better.” “My piano recital was perfect.” “No mistakes on my spelling test this week.” “I practiced long for my test and it paid off.” Assist your children to set goals for themselves. This is probably one of the best ways to boost their self-esteem.

First, set some goals with your kids that can be reached fairly soon:
try out for a sports team, join a club, pass a math chapter test. get passing grades on their report card. Also, set some long term goals: pass third grade, learn to play the drums for the band, finish high school.

Next, help your kids to create a mantra that will remind them of their uniqueness: “I always try hard and I will be successful.” “I will keep my eyes on the ball and hit a run.” “I can do anything I put my mind to.” Remind them to repeat it often. Great advice to pass on to your kids is; “Be Yourself.” “Don’t worry about being better or worse than anyone else.” “Remember, no one is perfect.” You are special!” “You can do it!”

As children get older. impress on them that they can be strong and still belong to a group. Stress to them that it’s OK to want to be liked by others but not when it means giving into peer pressure. It’s never worth doing things that could jeopardize them or someone else. True friends will accept their choices and will like them for who they are. Share with them that so called friends who don’t accept them are not worth having and calling them friends. Real friends don’t pressure each other…this is a very important lesson for your kids to learn… the sooner the better.

Self-esteem is also about giving and getting respect in their relationships with their friends. Offer these tips to your kids:
Live up to your word. Do what you say you’re going to do.
Treat others with respect. You’ll get respect in return.
Talk things over with someone you trust. Be truthful about your feelings.
Remember that you are special and unique.
Encourage yourself whenever you think you need to. Remember to repeat your mantra often.
Praise yourself when you deserve it.
Trust your own feelings and good judgement.

Everyone could do with a confidence boost sometimes, even parents and educators. Even the most confident people have doubtful moments. The key is that BUILDING SELF-ESTEEM IS NOT JUST ABOUT THINKING WELL OF YOURSELF. IT’S ABOUT NOT THINKING BADLY OF YOURSELF FOR ANY REASON! The good news is that it’s a skill you can learn and share with your kids.

These are the ways my kids are unique:

When I consider my kids’ unique abilities, this is what I say and do:

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