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Summer Learning Fun

Summertime! Some highlights of the great times shared with your kids include more free time to do what you want – when you want, fun unstructured activities, beach vacations, pool parties, and lazy days. In addition to all these desired enjoyments summertime presents some downsides for more than a few parents. A more unscheduled environment sometimes produces restless and bored kids when there is a lull in all the great adventures, and when the lively excitement winds down from time to time.

Summertime can be a time for learning fun with 3 free educational apps for kids. I give my educational stamp of approval on these exceptional apps that target basic skills: reading, spelling, and math, that every successful child needs to get to the head of the class. The bonus here is that your kids will enjoy these inviting activities while they’re building their educational skills during the lazy days of summer. A win-win situation to be sure!

Read Me Stories
If you forgot to pack some children’s books for on-the-go, this app is a great option. A new eBook for kids is added every day. Each word is highlighted as the voice tells the story so that kids may read along. It’s a great choice for beginning or reluctant readers who like to play with and iPhone or iPad.
For Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Spelling City
Does your child struggle with spelling? This app, which includes 10 word lists and 8 different games, will have your kid spelling like a champ! Fun games include: HangMouse, word scrambles, alphabetizing challenges, and missing letter quizes.
For Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Sushi Monster
This fun game by Scolastic gets kids hooked on math. The goal is to add or multiply numbers that equal the sum or product that the Sushi Monster seeks. Players earn points, stars, trophies, and personal bests – all while brushing up on their number skills.
For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Have a wonderful, learning fun, summer!

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