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Values? What Are Mine Really??

Happiness521While perusing the social media sites yesterday, I came upon @Soulseeds’ words of wisdom: Focus on what you can do now, be, see, do, and live your highest values.  These thought provoking words and wake up call are surely “loaded” with layers. What do you value? What are your highest values? What do you cherish and hold priceless in your life?  Are you living them? Have you prioritized them?

Is self-care on your list? To take care of yourself in a nurturing way focuses on the connection of your mind, body and spirit for needed balance in your life. It can involve taking time to reflect on your busy day, redecorating a room, practicing yoga, training for a marathon, or reading a great novel. In essence, all acts of self kindness have a single thread in common: they’re for you, and for you alone, for your health, well-being, and enjoyment.

During times of great stres, the activities that bring you fulfillment keep you from unnecessary negativity.To put it simply, when you engage in activities that are liberating and enjoyable – going for a run, laughing with friends, having a drink with a co-worker, or listening to your favorite music – they not only help you to feel better but make you feel more alive.

Think of things that just simply would lessen your load: sipping a hot cup of coffee with your boss or co-worker, enjoying a glass of wine in the evening with your partner, receiving and giving love, or working out. When you work smarter rather than harder, good things come to you in sometimes unimaginable ways. Give a gift to yourself of something that gives both stress release and some great motivation when your schedule gets overly demanding. In a nutshell: Take care of yourself! Remember: “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” so says the plaque hanging on the wall in my kitchen!



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