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Morning Tips For Parents

wpid-Discpline750.jpgUse these tried and true methods that I have collected over the years from parents who

want to get their kids off to a great start! Just found similar tips and strategies from


1. Pre-pick clothes

I can personally vouch for this super tip. It really does cut out all the indecision, moaning

groaning, and arguements on school days. This simplifies getting dressed in the mornings.

2. Make wake-up time easier.

Get everyone their own alarm clock- no matter how young your kids are. Teach them to set them.

This helps deflect any annoyance that may be felt away from the parent to the inanimate

alarm clock.

3. Centralize papers

Establish a central location for your kids to place permission slips, homework, tests, and

and any other important papers. Stacking trays or any type of file folders work well for this

purpose.  Use them like a mailbox. Kids deposit papers there when they get home and get their mail

when they leave for school in the morning.

These are my top 3 tips to make your kids’ mornings go a bit smoother. What other great tips can you offer and share? I’m sure they will be greatly appreciated! Thank You!

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