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On the blog archives I came across “Seed of Authenticity”: “In this house we do real mistakes. We do I’m sorry. We do second chances.

We do fun.

We do hugs.

We do forgiveness.

We really do loud.

We do family.

We do LOVE!”

While visiting my granddaughter and her mom and dad I found these warm and fuzzy
affirmations the rule of the day in their home. They are not just nice and inspirational
sayings to them but  real rules of thumb for their everyday living. What a great environment for them
to share and raise my granddaughter in her formative years. I truly am a grateful grandma
(G.G.) for this. I, personally, especially love the family hugs!

I think that it’s important, and would like like to address one of the elements that may
give you, as a parent, a little more trouble than  all the rest of the authentic affirmations
presented.  Let’s talk about your kids making mistakes…..

It is most important and helpful to talk to your kids, and discuss that their failures and mistakes are
stepping stones to success. Encourage them to role play with you as to how the situation in question
could have had a better outcome. If you are really brave, switch roles with your kids when play acting
or role playing. Permit your young ones to be you, and you then take their role in a situation
that calls for a better choice of outcomes. This will be an eye opening experience for you to say the

How quickly you will see the results that you seek. This little strategy will almost always give you
valuable insight,  and just the right information that you will need to turn a negative situation around to a more  positive one for your young ones. It will make your life, and your kids’ a little easier. You will gain a new and useful understanding to guide your youngsters in the right direction toward appropriate reactions both at home and school.

I’d like to hear from you if this technique even  helped a little to  ease the issue for your kids learning from their mistakes, and helping them make better choices. Keep up your great work trying to improve the quality of life for your kids. You should be commended. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

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Girl Power and Parenting: Developing Leadership Qualities

Super hero girl

If you are interested in Girl Power and developing leadership qualities in the young ladies in your life, this is your lucky day.  A must read is, 3 Next Steps for Developing Girls’ Leadership by Elena Aquilar focusing on student engagement and developing girls’ leadership qualities. The author so eloquently raises the pertinent questions exploring what leadership truly means to young girls.

Leadership is not just about a girl’s role but it’s all about the stance they take and the way they feel and the actions they take in that role. Girls, too, must be clear about their intrinsic value and their options. As a parent, especially, and as an educator, one of your most significant contributions to the world is to empower girls to lead happy and responsible lives. You can do this most effectively  by modeling and offering guidance that will build young girls’ confidence and self-esteem. It is important that you increase your own awareness of the “rules” you present and reinforce to them.

In her book Stand Up For Your Life, Cheryl Richardson, gives great and sound advice when she points out that instead of you, as a child, being trained to follow rules that may have crushed your spirit, imagine what your life would have been like if you had been taught these instead:

* Be informed
* Stick with it
* Stop apologizing when you’ve done nothing wrong
* Be courageous
* Think big
* Be ambitious
* Be enthusiastic
* Be proud of yourself
* Keep your expectations high
* Go for it!

Ms. Richardson states that her own life would have been different had she been raised with these types of rules. She notes that she would have spoken up in school when she knew the answer to a teacher’s question instead of feeling insecure to raise her hand. Cheryl also mentioned that she would have performed in the high school plays that captured her imagination rather than relegating herself to the audience while longing to be on stage.

Now is the time to give your kids, especially your girls, the opportunity to omit the “could have been” and the “should have been” thoughts from their minds. Give them a new set of rules to live by! You will have many opportunities during the day to implement and encourage these new rules. Explain them. Discuss them. Monitor and adjust them to your own experience and situation for maximum output and success. Integrate them into your young lady’s daily routine. Watch what happens! You’ll both feel empowered! You go girls!

Photo by Lance Neilson, cropped, and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.

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Parents, Let Go of Self-Doubt!

I recently came across Marala Scotts’ tweet: “Once doubt infiltrates your mind it will impede or stop your progress.” After reading this post and talking with many busy parents, young moms and dads, I get this reoccurring feeling  that today’s parents experience self-doubt on many various levels, especially nurturing and guiding their children.

Parents, as soon as you make peace with the fact that you won’t get everything you want in life, the playing field is leveled. While it’s tough to let go of something you want, or want to happen, if you release yourself from the relentless pull of your “if only” thinking, a sense of calm, and even joy, will rush into that mental state instead, notes C. Leslie Charles, author of Why Is Everyone So Cranky? When you can just “be” with a situation but not liking it, things usually begin to slow down, turn around, and reshape themselves for the better.

By letting go in a negative situation in parenting, you decide not to give into thoughts and actions like doubt, worry, or regret that waste your time, and not dwell on what you think you don’t have in your family life.That can be  a real motivator for a more joyful, less stress filled life. Trust Yourself! It is harder to accomplish than it sounds but it can be done with a few simple steps.

To help learn to reduce self-doubt, start to make a list of all the times you went with your intuition – and you were right. Do it regularly. Refer to the list any time you feel unsure about your decision with and for your kids.

The more you practice listening to and acting on your own inner voice, the more you come to trust the wisdom inside of you for parenting. This is a vital key in building the family life you desire. Giving yourself the gift of slowing down, carving out some time for reflection and thanksgiving during your busy day will help you recognize what it is you truly need to create the life that you and your family deserve to enjoy together.

Parents, take some precious time daily to “trust your gut”. Your intuition is usually never wrong. Go for it!

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What To Do? My Child Hates School!

At some point every parent hears the phrase: “I hate school! Sometimes it comes at the end

of a frustrating day, or a bad week. If, however, your child’s dislike for school is becoming

chronic or causing him or her to fall behind, you need to figure out what is at the root of the




Did you have a fight with someone? Did the teacher say something that upset you?

Did you get a bad grade on a test? Are you having trounle at the bus stop or on the bus?

Are you having a hard time with one of your subjects?





If your child has difficulty making friends, you can boost needed social skills  by role playing

various senarios that can help your child to approach peers in a more confident way.



If your child isn’t willing to talk or can’t articulate why he/she hates school,  the teacher may be able to shed some

light on the subject.



Ask about distractions: Can you see the board clearly? Can you hear the teacher? Are you sitting in the back of the

classroom? Keep probing until you are satisfied that the problem is not physical.



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