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Parenting and The Power of the High Five

High FiveAn inspirational parenting tip that really rocks is the power of the High Five! I recommend that you test the high five upon arriving at your next social gathering, parenting or interacting with your kids, or when a someone helps you out of a trying situation. You will be pleased with the results!

I started using the High Five in my classroom many years ago. Over the years I came to realize I was able to make a lasting impression using the High Five when my students started to give each other this gesture with enthusiasm. They would eagerly comment on the affects of giving and receiving High Fives.

Interestingly enough, the High Five is not an archaic tradition. It has become a key aspect of american culture. It is thought to have occurred for the first time publicly when Dusty Baker and Glenn Burke during the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game on October 2, 1977 in Dodger Stadium.

I have noticed in several different situations and in most circumstances the High Five makes everyone appear much happier and  more connected. It also helps in facilitating to open the lines of communication when they were previously strained.

I have been an avid proponent of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs throughout all of my professional career. I shared them in most of my parenting presentations. After food, water and shelter, Maslow  includes, love, belonging, and self-esteem as high ranking human needs. The High Five is a spontaneous, quick way to communicate to someone that they are important, unique, and deserving of your attention.

Another key component of the High Five is the physical connection. Tactile communication has been researched and found to increase cooperation, and emotional give and take. It is also a sign of trust and acceptance. What’s really cool about the High Five is that is crosses all social boundaries, age, education, religion, and race. It works with almost everyone!

It still amazes me how doing something I do all the time can have such a huge impact but that’s what inspiring others is all about and that’s why I love it! And so, today’s inspirational parenting tip is to check out the benefits of the High Five in your life and see what happens! You will be pleased with the results. Try it, you’ll like it! Leave me a comment on what happens! Make my day!


Photo by Sean Dreilinger,,  – high five from an unknown cheering parent

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