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The ‘New’ Parent Trap

grandpa Parenthood s a tough gig and there is little time to rest or relax. It’s completely normal to feel trapped with no visible means of escape but don’t get caught in the ‘new’ parent trap. New parents are often caught in an invisible ‘new’ parent trap! It is hard for them to ask for help. Asking for support in your parenting duties  can make you feel that you’re shirking your duties. You’re especially likely to feel this way if your partner heads off to work each day. When you ask for help from others, you put yourself out there and take a risk. If you don’t, however, you miss the opportunity to connect with others and relieve some of your built up stress. Feeling isolated only compounds the stress of new parenthood. Babies and toddlers pick up on signals that you are stressed, and their cranky, irritable response only makes you more stressed. And the cycle goes on…..on….. Free yourself from this ‘new’ parent” trap. Letting others pitch in,  you to regain a sense of personal balance and well-being. Sharing the load is good for others too. When family and friends get a chance to help out, they feel good, also. It’s a win-win situation.  Free Yourself! * You need to care for yourself in order to care for kids. * Say “YES” to offers of assistance, even if you don’t need help at the moment. * Divvy up chores in a way that suits you and your partner and rotate responsibility for tasks no one likes. That way no one gets stuck with them forever. * Be specific about what you need. It sets others up for success. * Let go of your need to have things done just right. Good is good enough! * Appreciate the help you receive even if it falls short of what you wanted. * Remember to say “Thank You” and sound like you mean it.  FREEDOM IS REALLY SWEET!

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