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Kids running across yard --- Image by © Artiga Photo/Corbis

When we’re young we see the world as our spirit directs – with all our senses – and it is magic!

Make it your priority to add magic to the ordinary for your kids. Many adults have lost this enchantment and search everywhere for happiness, peace, and fulfillment. Countless hours are spent in therapists’ offices in an attempt to find that magic that was lost somewhere in the past.

The magic exists right now in your children. By inviting them to see the magic in the ordinary, you strengthen their spirits so that it lives forever in their lives. When they reach adulthood, your kids will have no need to search outside themselves for something to make them happy.  The extraordinary is in the ordinary for children. They don’t need a parade, an action packed movie, or the latest 3-D video game to make them happy.

We shortchange kids by assuming they must have every princess gown or the latest model electric car, when even the simplest time or activity can be magical. High tech toys, computers, and other electronic devices can dull imagination and creativity. The 30 second picture sound bites on TV with fast, vibrant colors, and up beat music, seduce our kids.  Add magic to the ordinary and try to keep things simple, and allow your young ones to be in charge of the magic in their own way.

You’ll be amazed at what kids say and do when they’re  left to their own imagination when all is quiet in their playroom. While babysitting my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter yesterday , she asked for some ribbon and scissors. At first, she wanted to make bows, so we did that for a while. When she cut a long piece of ribbon, she asked me to tie it around her head. She looked into the mirror and said she looked like Pocahontas. Then we role played, Pocahontas helping and guiding  Captain John Smith down an unknown river. She used her imagination and enjoyed some creative play all the while surrounded by many and elaborate store bought princess gowns, and castles. She even built a house for them out of plastic cups which she decorated with the ribbons and bows that were made earlier.


We can “catch” some of the magic from our children and grandchildren and reignite our own spirits. Parenting becomes a magical journey when we allow enchantment to infuse us. Remember to be good to yourself, and give yourself special quiet times in the form of books, friends, ceremony,ritual. nature, song, and/or dance. Use whatever fills your heart with harmony, for it’s hard to make magic for others when we don’t experience it ourselves.

Ask the universe to supply you with  little zest today, and remain alert to the amazing wonder in your life. Children share their joy effortlessly, and it infuses all those open to accepting the magic. Make it a priority today to add magic to the ordinary for yourself and your kids. Take the lead from your precious children. They’ll show you how!

Observe what interests your children and you will find that it isn’t necessarily what you may think of as “toys”.  Children will play with branches, leaves, rocks, seashells, bedsheets, pots, boxes, yarn,  and other ordinary things. These objects combined with the parents’ reinforcing, joyful attitude, give kids open-end opportunities for creative play. Exploring in this way enhances their imagination and uniqueness. The everyday becomes magical when they can respond to their environment in whatever way they decide. Your kids then are active participants in life, instead of passive recipients of what some grown-up designer or TV producer has determined they should enjoy. When kids are in charge of their own play, it is filled with magic of their own making.










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