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Take Care of Yourself!

on November 21, 2013

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! I’m sure you don’t hear those words so often as a parent. There is so much information out there about how to take care of your children, but not so much about how to take of yourself. Your job as a parent is the most important job in the world to love, nuture, and guide your children. While it is an awesome role, many times it is not a joyous one. It is often filled with over loaded schedules, self-doubt, and mixed messages. Today, we are all “caught up” in a face paced, ever changing society, and your own needs are often lost in the shuffle. If this is the case in your own parenthood journey it’s time now to change things up a bit.

From this time on, be consciously aware that you have everything within you to have the life you want and deserve.  I’m sure that you can think of several stumbling blocks to getting started to free up some time for yourself, and establish a more harmonious home environment. If you genuinely feel in your heart that you really have no time for yourself, try to lessen, or better yet eliminate your least liked chore from your to-do-list!!!!

 I gave up ironing many years ago…. a chore I hated with a passion. I had to make plans to make this work, though. I gave things away that were made of cotton and linen. From then on I only bought wrinke free clothes, and never fully dried the clothes that came out of the dryer. I put them on hangers and hung them on my kitchen cabinets until they were dry. This all seems so simple and questionable, but in my case it worked! It really did! It freed up some very valuable time  for me and  my family. I successfully eliminated my least favorite chore and you can too! Think about it. What can you give up to free up some quality time first for yourself, and your family? Experiment with it! Let me know how it works for you. Maybe we can offer some great ideas to other moms and dads in need of taking better care of themselves by freeing themselves of at least one thing on their to-do-list.

You’ll soon come to realize that making the effort and carving out some extra time for yourself is most important to your overall well-being. How powerful it is to do even the simplest things you love, instead of just thinking or talking about them. If you do this, you will come to understand that you are worth the effort and the time you take for the activities that make you, truly you. Your world really won’t fall apart if you shake it up a bit!

P.S. I have a framed picture in my kitchen with the inscription: “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”  It reminds me that I should take care of me first, so that I’m prepared to fully and lovingly take care of my family.  What a great reminder!


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