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Gratitude – Really A Choice?

on November 10, 2013

Why show gratitude? Is it just the right thing to do, or does it have some other intrinsic value? Being thankful and demonstrating sincere gratitude takes energy and thought. Having an attitude of of gratitude requires conscious effort. Practicing gratitude has a permanent effect on you and your children. When you express thankfullness, you not only impact the receiver, you also receive benefits as the giver.

Gratitude is really a choice. It doesn’t depend on curcumstances, genetics, or something that you don’t have any control over. It actually becomes an attitude that you can choose that makes life better for you and your kids. When things go badly, gratitude enables you to get over these situations, and come to realize that they are just temporary. Everyone hits rough spots. Some parents seem to survive great storms. These trials are sent in order to rekindle faith and love, and keep them from feeling hopeless.

Each day you are given a new chance to make necessary changes in your life. There is always hope of experiencing happiness. If the only prayer you ever said was “THANK YOU“, that would absolutely be enough! By maintaining an attitude of gratitude each day, you cultivate the habit of appreciating what you already have, instead of dwelling on what you don’t have. You will experience more peace and contentment because your outlook begins on a positive note. You will also be better able to handle any challenges if you have an appreciative mindset.

A great step to help you get started and bring the power of gratitude into your life is keep a Thankful Journal! End the downward spiral you may be on by counting your blessings. Many wonderful things happen to you each and every day. They often times go unrecognized because you live at speed instead of depth. The daily inventory of what’s good and wholesome in your life will help you acknowledge the blessings that already enrich your life. Don’t minimize this strategy! It could be the very catalyst to break the “woe is me” cycle, and finally set you free. It will put the happenings of your life with all the ups and downs into perspective.

Notice the smile on a person’s face when you say a sincere ThankYou! It will be sure to warm your heart…..

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