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How Happy Are You? Part 2

on June 11, 2014

You are unique and capable of extraordinary things! Finding pastimes that are best suited to you is one of the great adventures of life, and a source of much happiness. Remember, you and only you can make you happy. If you are truly satisfied and joyful you experience it all as your real, authentic self. Happiness can be sustained beyond just experiencing something wonderful at any given moment. Many times you judge an activity by how you feel about it beforehand instead of how you feel after the venture is over. Many times you don’t feel like practicing for a marathon, but you do it anyway. Once this task is over you’re usually glad that you kept to your rigorous training schedule. Your sense of satisfaction and well-being lasts for a long time after the actual workout is over. That’s happiness! In every moment of your life you choose happiness or not!

When you choose happiness over passing pleasure, it is sustained independently of your circumstances in life: money, material things, past successes, and future opportunities. Happiness can’t be found by pursuing happiness! Many people refuse to think about it, or even believe in this idea. If you set out to find and savor happiness, it will elude you every time.

Happiness is not an an end itself, nor is it an experience. It is truly a by product of every situation, at every step, and at all crossroads on your adventure through life. Is there an aliveness and enjoyment for you in what you are doing and experiencing now? When you are completely absorbed in your favorite pastime and really present in the moment, the result is one of high energy and intensity. An added bonus is that stress is absent, also. Check it out for yourself! You’ll become a believer!

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