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Parents, Let Go of Self-Doubt!

on March 10, 2014

I recently came across Marala Scotts’ tweet: “Once doubt infiltrates your mind it will impede or stop your progress.” After reading this post and talking with many busy parents, young moms and dads, I get this reoccurring feeling  that today’s parents experience self-doubt on many various levels, especially nurturing and guiding their children.

Parents, as soon as you make peace with the fact that you won’t get everything you want in life, the playing field is leveled. While it’s tough to let go of something you want, or want to happen, if you release yourself from the relentless pull of your “if only” thinking, a sense of calm, and even joy, will rush into that mental state instead, notes C. Leslie Charles, author of Why Is Everyone So Cranky? When you can just “be” with a situation but not liking it, things usually begin to slow down, turn around, and reshape themselves for the better.

By letting go in a negative situation in parenting, you decide not to give into thoughts and actions like doubt, worry, or regret that waste your time, and not dwell on what you think you don’t have in your family life.That can be  a real motivator for a more joyful, less stress filled life. Trust Yourself! It is harder to accomplish than it sounds but it can be done with a few simple steps.

To help learn to reduce self-doubt, start to make a list of all the times you went with your intuition – and you were right. Do it regularly. Refer to the list any time you feel unsure about your decision with and for your kids.

The more you practice listening to and acting on your own inner voice, the more you come to trust the wisdom inside of you for parenting. This is a vital key in building the family life you desire. Giving yourself the gift of slowing down, carving out some time for reflection and thanksgiving during your busy day will help you recognize what it is you truly need to create the life that you and your family deserve to enjoy together.

Parents, take some precious time daily to “trust your gut”. Your intuition is usually never wrong. Go for it!

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