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Saying “Yes” to Change

on November 16, 2015


Change is inevitable and inescapable! Sometimes it’s very sad or scary, but sometimes it ‘s exciting!

Some changes are natural like aging, and the changing of the seasons. Some changes are catastrophic, such as illness, the death of a loved one, or bankruptcy. Some changes are joyous, the birth of a child, moving to be close to family, a dream job. Some changes are planned and some others are put upon us without preparation or welcome.

Accepting change with all of it’s impermanence and and transition is central to becoming wise. Understanding the inherent uncertainties of life, questioning and making meaning, accepting shades of gray, and developing the willingness to understand situations from multiple perspectives are the hallmarks of wise thinking.

Unfortunately, old patterns block growth and inhibit transformation because they’re like running in place. Self-reflection is the only antidote to unconscious repetition. It’s the practice of self-awareness that encourages the ability to perceive reality without distortions, projections, or self-centeredness. Think of it as waking up!

Emotional intelligence, the ability to feel, name, and act on emotions in a way that’s healthy and creative is central to saying “yes” to change. With time, emotional intelligence helps you become more real and transparent – anchored in the present instead of the past. The quality of openheartedness, genuine interest in others, and curiosity that characterize emotional intelligence is the measure of life that isn’t what happens around you, but what happens in your mind, heart, and spirit. All it takes is practice!

Change is a fruitful time for that practice because it naturally invites the wisdom of self-reflection, especially when inquiry becomes central to the process.

I’m saying “YES” to change now in my life! It’s time for a joyous and planned change! Many mixed emotions come into play for me at the present, but it is an overall positive change to be sure. I’m moving on to other creative writing experiences and world travel opportunities. This “Saying Yes to Change” blog post is my last one for the time being. It’s been a great experience sharing my thoughts, experience, and wisdom with you, and I sincerely wish you all the best in your own personal journey of saying “yes” to change in your life.

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