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A Parent’s Goal: Competent Kids

on December 6, 2014

High Five

I’m sure you want to provide experiences so that your young ones can succeed and become competent kids. Here’s how….first, offer new challenges and comment on positive attempts. Always acknowledge your kids’ effort toward a goal even if the goal was not attained or reached to your expectations. Some great pointers are to give your young ones ideas how to accomplish tasks. Demonstrate the steps for them. Then have them complete the process all by themselves. Remember to supply plenty of practice time if needed. All these steps will lead your child to feeling more positive and belonging to the Competent Kids’ Club.

It is extremely beneficial to acknowledge kids’ efforts and the meeting of their expectations rather than to praise a specific task. For example, when kids have completed a task (homework, cleaning their bedroom or playroom, setting the table) guide them in their thinking about how the job was carried out. Does it show progress in comparison to last time? Are their ways to improve the process? The goal here is to help young ones to learn, grow, and make sound decisions with or without others around. They will also feel good about themselves without constant praise or recognition. They in turn will feel a worthy member of the Competent Kids’ Club as they succeed in learning challenges.


1. Give kids age appropriate jobs. Their achievement of regular chores will help them develop a sense of responsibility and the knowledge that they’re contributing to family activities.
2. For kids who have difficulty with organization or memory, set out everything needed to accomplish their daily or weekly jobs without nagging or frustration on your part.
3. Let your kids’ teachers know of a special talent, knowledge, or expertise that they possess. Kids love when their teachers and classmates appreciate their uniqueness and ask them questions in a scheduled show and tell.
4. Let your kids lead. Join them in activities that they enjoy. Ask them what they’d like to play and enjoy how that process unfolds. You’ll be delighted and so will they!
5. This one’s a no-brainer, but we often forget to do it: Tell your kids you like them! Give a couple of reasons why you like them. Watch what happens!

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