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You are The Boss! 6 Tips to Clear Boundaries

on August 14, 2013

Do yourself and your kids a favor. Establish firm, clear, boundaries that leave no doubt you are in control. Kids need limits. Learn to say: “I love you, that’s why I sometimes say ‘no’.” First, know what you want from your children. Let your thoughts, words, actions express this knowledge.

6 Tips To Clear Boundaries

* Strengthen your relationship with your kids by always telling the truth and standing by it.

* Use challenging situations to make you even more confident and stronger.

* Expect the best for your kids. Don’t give into their wants and desires. Focus on their needs. Do give them choices. This strategy is quite powerful.

* Teach self-discipline and patience by encouraging your young ones to stop, breathe, and assess their circumstances before reacting to difficult situations. This will help them become aware of how their actions may affect others.

* Guide your kids to develop the courage to see the world through their own eyes instead of yours or others.

* Support them to respect and understand their differences by example in modeling tolerant behaviors.

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